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Dynamic Kettlebells is our signature weights class.


Kettlebells are swing, pressed and pushed to create a unique high fat burning, cardiovascular workout that strengthens without bulking.


This low impact workout is suitable for all levels, you just move to heavier kettlebells as you get fitter, stronger and more lean.



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Based just off Hoole Bridge....

Dynamics is Chester first dedicated Barre Studio.


Barre is a low impact, highly effect toning work out combining the moves from ballet, principles of pilates and lengething of  yoga.


It tones the legs, lifts the butt and strengthens your core.


It burns but it works!

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- Dynamic Barre


- Dynamic Kettlebells


- Dynamic Pilates


- Dynamic Mums/Babies and the Barre


- Insanity/Piyo


- Personal Training



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'.....if it doesn't challenge you, it wont change you....'