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Work it out.



 Based in Hoole, Chester we offer the

 latest in fitness trends and techniques.


Whether you are looking for an effective    fat burning and toning workout such as   Kettlebells or INSANITY, core strengthening and shaping (Barre. Pilates or PiYo),


If you want something more specific try...personal training (PT)


Pre and Post Natal exercise....


Book ONLINE or text 07828524752

Tailored to you.

If you want a more personal approach we have a private studio for one to one or small group training.


Our Personal trainers have vast experience from weight loss to elite athletes and we have both male and female trainers.


For more information please contact us.

It works if you do.


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We dont go in for gimmics and fads, if it doesn't work we dont teach it.


If you want to get results then we'll guide you through safe, effective and sometimes even fun classes but ultimately you are the one who needs to put the work in.


We also offer nutrition sessions for both weight loss and sports performance.




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