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Wednesday 3.45pm-4.30pm

Age 3-5: Pre Primary (ballet tip to toe):

This class introduces the basic ballet terms and positions but in a fun and relaxed environment.

With use of exciting props, current music and exercises where using our imagination create a more enjoyable atmosphere.


Wednesday 4.30-5.15pm

Age 5+: Primary:

This class introduces the involvement of the barre and centre combinations.

Technique, presentation and musicality are introduced into the exercises. These elements are essential to the class whilst maintaining a fun and creative learning approach.



Ballet provides the basis for all forms of dance. We use up to date current music and incorporate technique and performance skills throughout.



Age 3+ (FREE trial available)

Easter Dance Workshop..

5-9 years


Tuesday 10th April



Ballet, Craft and Street Dance

No Dance experience needed


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Ballet Courses: Term Time