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Dynamic Barre: 

Our signature toning class....A low impact, high intensity workout which targets bum, thighs and core. Using small isometric contractions to create long lean muscles whilst feeling 'the burn'



Dynamic Kettlebells:

The ultimate fat buster! Combining strenth with cardio there is no class more effective to get you fit and toned at the same time and its low impact!



Dynamics Pilates:

A functional body conditioning workout, utilising the principles of Pilates and many of the authentic mat work exercises to lengthen and tone muscles, improve your core stability and increase flexibility and mobility.




30 minutes of high intensity, high fat burning, heart pumping interval training followed by 30 minutes of core work. To strip fat, increase fitness and give you an INSANE CORE!!!!


Post Natal Courses:

('Dynamic Mums' and 'Barre and Babies') For all mums post 6/10 week doctors check wanting to tone up and regain some pre baby body back, babies welcome.




Inspired by moves from yoga and pilates, mixed with full body flowing movement and a burst of body weight exercises for an extra calorie burn. This is a full body workout to stretch and strengthen at the same time.



Yoga (Vinyasa Flow): 

A flowing sequence of yoga postures to stretch and strengthen the body and relax the mind.