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Dynamic Barre and Ballet

Dynamic Barre:                                                                          Ballet Fit:


Monday: 9.45am and 7pm                                                       Friday: 6.30pm

Tuesday: 8pm

Thursday: 8pm

Saturday: 10am    


This unique workout combines the elements of Pilates, yoga, resistance training and ballet into a highly effective regime performed on the mat and at a ballet barre.


The technique utilises the body's own resistance in conjunction with weights, bands and small balls. The effect is a long, lean dancers body without being a dancer!



The low impact, total body workout lifts the butt, tones the thighs,

flattens the abs and sculpts the arms, whilst protecting the joints.


Small isometric contractions are performed and integrated with an

interval training approach that burns fat and improves

cardiovascular fitness.


Posture, flexibility, stamina and core strength are all improved.


The result is a body that is realigned, rebalanced and works harmoniously

and efficiently.



Stretches are performed after each strength section of the class to ensure the muscles are re-lengthened to create a body that is strong without the added bulk of other regimes. This workout is suitable for everybody as various modifications are given throughout the class to suit the abilities of all students.




Ballet Fit: Friday 6.30pm

Ballet Fit is a mixed level adult ballet class with an added fitness element.


Following the structure of a ballet class, with exercise at the barre and in the centre of the room, it alow incorporates flexibility and added repetitions and moves to increase the cardio and toing benefit .


This class is suitable for completely beginners and long time returners to ballet.