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Dynamic Kettlebells

Tuesday 6pm

Wedensday 6pm

Thursday 9.30 and 7pm

Saturday 9am



We often get told 'I'd like to try kettlebell but it looks scary!' Its not!


Kettlebell Training is one of the most effective fat burning workouts you can do!


The weighted balls with a handle are swung, lifted, pushed and cleaned (technical term for a lift to the chin) in a way to maintain muscle whilst raising your heart rate to give a combined fat burning AND toning workout! We actually see people shrink over a few months of training, thats not something to be scared of!


If you are new to weight training or it has been a while then we recommend coming to the Tuesday class first, you can go at your own pace so have longer to practice the techniques, although we do have beginners in the other class if you can t make the Tuesday.



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