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Dynamic Yoga

Wednesday: 7.15pm

Sunday: 9.30am


We've added a Vinyasa Yoga Class to the timetable as it is a Dynamic form of yoga, complimenting the studio's idea of a #dynamicbody....strong and supple.


In vinyasa yoga, a sequence of movements is synchronized to a breath. Expect to move, sometimes vigorously, from pose to pose.


Our classes flow at amoderate pace, suitable for all levels and incorporate balances and poses which are alignment-oriented. Each movement in the series is cued by an inhalation or an exhalation of the breath.


To go through your Vinyasa.....This describes a series of three poses that are done as part of a sun salutation sequence.


When the teacher says, "go through the vinyasa at your own pace," she means to do a plank, chaturanga, and upward facing dog (or their equivalent variations) using your breath to measure when to move on to the next pose. If you start to get tired and

this affects the quality of your poses, it's very acceptable to skip the vinyasa and wait for the class in downward facing dog.


Is Vinyasa Yoga for You?

Absolutely! The combination of flow and holding or poses helps increase flexibility and strength as well as helping to relax and unwind for a short period of time at least!

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