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Pre and Post Natal Training

Barre and Babies: Tuesday 11am

Dynamic Mums: Wednesday 10.45am

After falling pregnant back in July 2011 and suddenly realising that once the

baby came out I had some kind of shape to get back  into, I started looking for

class where I could take the baby and get a 'proper' workout!


I found some pilates and outdoor sessions but nothing to fill in the gap so I decided to do it myself. As my bump grew I took my level 3 pre and post natal qualification and managed to get it all completed in time for Noahs arrival in mid April 2012.


I started teaching 'Dynamic Mums' with Noah after my six week doctors check. The class incorporates lots of core stabilisation to bring those stretched abs back together! The wobbly tummy was a complete shock as was the jelly legs on my first lunge!


Baby Mabel arrived in March 2015, who caused no end of problems whilst brewing in me (I had to stop teaching at 22 weeks due to SPD) but gave me lots of time to learn more about abdominal seperation and post natal recovery, I do practice what I preach!


Each week we do different exercises from barre, circuits, pilates, toning, weights and

more, to ensure you get a full body workout, toning from top to bottom, especally the middle!!


Babies are VERY welcome but not essential, if you want to come without them that's

fine, but you dont have a baby as an excuse to stop. Noah is now three and can squat,

press up and stretch by himself, although he's a bit heavy to lift in class now so I give

him the morning off!




If you would like a private session or pre natal session then please email me, we do not currently run a pre natal class.


Practicing for the class with Noah's, six weeks old.

Mummy and Mabel

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